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Beem Outdoor Misting Accessory by Heatsail

Beem Outdoor Misting Accessory by Heatsail

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When it gets really too hot, switch on the optional misting. 
Integrated channels on both sides of the BEEM create a fine
mist. A combination of very small orifices and high pressure
lets water evaporate in the air before it makes your hair frizz.
It cools the surrounding air up to 15°C. Do you want to have
control on how and when? Use the smartphone app and you
are the cooling master.

An addition to the standard BEEM is the integrated misting system consisting of a high pressure stainless tubing system and high quality nozzles with an orifice between 0.10 and 0.20 mm and 6.35 mm PA12 tubing, to cool down the surrounding temperature up to 10 °C, depending on climate and humidity.

The mist is produced by means of a pump that pressurizes water up to 70 bar forcing the water out of the nozzles at high pressure, cooling the surrounding air.

The installation of the BEEM’s electrical components requires a split phase three wire electrical system of 110-120/220-240V-50/60 Hz (16-20 Amp fuse and appropriate RCD): the connection must be properly implemented in accordance with the applicable IEC-CEI standards. Please note: statutory and other regulation may apply locally.

The misting version of the B230 and B290 will hold 2 x 3 misting nozzles and will have a cooling capacity of approx 12 m2

The misting version of the B390 and B520 will hold 2 x 4 misting nozzles and will have a cooling capacity of approx 16 m2


Plugs are available to close nozzles if necessary.

Thos is an add on item to BEEM products.

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