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LEAF Outdoor Heater, Umbrella, and Mister by Heatsail

LEAF Outdoor Heater, Umbrella, and Mister by Heatsail

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The LEAF is a unique shading solution with light and integrated heating 
that turns your terrace into a place you will never want to leave anymore.

Currently available for Pre Sale. Available July 2024.

LEAF SNOW, MUD OR MIDNIGHT (incl. large base with weight)

The LEAF opens and closes with a touch of your finger, while your guests can stay underneath.
Worldwide patented. Forgot to close it ? No problem, when there is too much wind it senses the vibration and closes for you. When open, you get a massive 4.6 by 3.6 meter surface. (15.09 feet x 11.8 ft)
And of course you can rotate it 360 degrees.

When it gets darker turn on 6 light points distributed over the length of the LEAF. After dinner? The integrated touch panel lets you dim the lights. Or use the smartphone APP.

When it gets chilly just turn on the integrated heating. Discrete far-infrared heating elements give you the most pleasant warmth. They are also evenly distributed over the length of the LEAF, so everybody enjoys it. And of course you have different levels of heat.

When it gets really too hot switch on the misting. Integrated channels on both sides of the LEAF create a fine mist. A combination of very small orifices and high pressure lets water evaporate in the air before it makes your hair frizz. It cools the surrounding air up to 15°C. Want to have control on how and when? Use the smartphone app and you are the cooling master. 

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