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Ofelia Lamp

Ofelia Lamp

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The Zafferano Ofelia Lamp has been featured in the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Martha Stewart, and is being used at hundreds of top-tier restaurants nationally. It combines a sleek modernist profile with five color choices that allow it to work in most any environment. To recharge your Ofelia table lamp, plug the provided charging base into an outlet and place the lamp on the base. The translucent top will glow red while charging and turn green once the charging cycle is complete. A full charge takes around 6 hours. The fully charged lamp may remain on the charging cradle without damaging the battery.

  • Portable LED light
  • Induction charging base included
  • About 9 hours of illumination per charge
  • Touch-dimming with memory of most recent setting
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Charging time about 6 hours
  • 1-year warranty
  • 144-150 lumens, LED/CRI>80/120 volt/2.2W
  • Select from 2200-2700-3000K
  • 11.4” height x 3.9” wide at top and bottom
  • IP20 (bodyIP65) rating protection
  • Die-cast painted aluminum body





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